FAQ Series: Is there an alternative to the traditional rat and mouse collars for the RaturnTM?

Posted on 1/29/2020 by Shelly Carballo

Harness Alternative for Raturn and Culex

Try this simple, do-it-yourself alternative harnessing method from our creative colleagues at Monash University. The harness is made of soft, comfortable materials, which makes it easy to wash and reuse, too!

Tools Required:

1.      Light-weight velcro fabric from craft or fabric store

2.      Scissors

3.      Ruler

4.      Zip Tie (or MF-7016 or MD-1365 from BASi)



1.     Measure and cut fabric to template

2.     Insert zip tie around the two parallel cuts in ‘hook’ piece

3.     Tighten and trim excess

4.     Place forelimbs through openings in the loop piece (Image 1)

5.     Turn animal over and continue fitting the jacket (Image 2)

6.     Attach ‘hook’ to ‘loop’ such that ‘hook’ is on the animal’s back (Image 3)

7.     Use the "hook" to connect the animal to the Raturn Tether (Image 4)

DIY Jacket Fitting for Culex

Note:  Harness is sized for a rat weighing 260-330g.  Template should be adjusted appropriately based on the size of your animal.

Do you have your own creative solution for Raturn-compatible collars? Reach us at with your comments or questions!

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