He's Back! Q&A with BASi Founder, Pete Kissinger, Who's Returned as Scientific Advisor

Posted on October 18, 2017 by Kimberly Beaty

Awesome things are happening at BASi, not the least of which is the return of our founder, Peter T. Kissinger, as a Scientific Advisor to the company. And what better way to launch our new blog, BASiBroadcast, than a Q&A session with Pete about his thoughts on the ever-evolving pharmaceutical industry and being back at BASi during this exciting time.

Q: What are your thoughts after a decade sabbatical from BASi and now returning as a Scientific Advisor?

A: “The ten years went rather fast. I was able to focus on starting other life science measurement businesses and getting back to teaching more chemistry and entrepreneurship at Purdue University. I've developed an amateur journalism career at DDN-News and have learned to tweet as @farbuncle. At times I've used the pen name Faraday Farbuncle because productive science demands a sense of humor. You've got to take a lot of shots on goal in research—most don’t go in.

Needless to say, there are many new people at BASi, but getting hugs from those with a long tenure is very satisfying. We went through a pretty severe recession and continuing turmoil in the pharmaceutical sector with so much commercial restructuring, new science, and some amazingly effective treatments for patients. BASi also restructured and is back on track with many new opportunities. Perhaps the biggest change over the last 15 years has been the role of more venture-backed discovery companies needing proof of concept work in pharmacology and toxicology to take candidates to the next level, or discard them as troublesome. That's our current sweet spot for both research services and products. I'm about getting better data for better decisions. This is why I participated in founding BASi, Prosolia, and Phlebotics. It's also the subject I teach at Purdue. It is very hard to get good numbers out of biological goop and many do not appreciate how hard. The tools advance, but what we want to measure now advances faster in parallel.”

Stay tuned for more Q&A with Pete “Faraday Farbuncle” Kissinger and find out how BASi is poised to target that “sweet spot” for research services and products. If you have a question for Pete, send us a message—we’re happy to hear from you!

Kimberly Beaty

Written by Kimberly Beaty

Kimberly is the Marketing and Salesforce Manager at BASi and collaborates closely with the entire BASi team to provide valuable content for our readers, clients and partners.

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