The EmStat4R delivers desktop performance in a rugged enclosure. The EmStat4R is a portable Battery or USB-powered Potentiostat, Galvanostat, and optional a Frequency Response Analyzer (FRA) for Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS). The EmStat4R is great for applications that require low currents, from 30 mA down to picoamps, such as sensor applications. The EmStat4R is controlled with PSTrace for Windows, the Android app PStouch, or you can write your own MethodSCRIPT and control it from any platform or operating system. The EmStat4R is available with a cell cable or SPE connection module. Both versions can be configured with optional EIS/FRA with a maximum frequency of 200 kHz. See specifications for more information.

Techniques available with PStrace Software (included with the instrument)

  • Voltammetric Techniques
    • Linear Sweep Voltammetry
    • Cyclic Voltammetry
    • AC Voltammetry
  • Pulsed Techniques
    • Differential Pulse Voltammetry
    • Square Wave Voltammetry
    • Normal Pulse Voltammetry
    • Stripping Voltammetry
  • Amperometric
    • Chronoamperometry
    • Zero Resistance Amperometry
    • Chronocoulometry
    • Pulsed Amperometric Detection
    • MultiStep amperometry
  • Galvanostatic Techniques
    • Linear Sweep Potentiometry
    • Chronopotentiometry
    • MultiStep Potentiometry
    • Open Circuit Potentiometry
  • Other
    • Mixed Mode
    • Potentiostatic Impedance Spectroscropy
      • Potential Scan
      • Fixed Potential
      • Time Scan


 Part number  Description 
 PALM-ES4R-SNS.F0    EmStat4R Low Range No EIS with Standard Cell Cable
 PALM-ES4R-SNS.F1  EmStat4R Low Range 200 kHz EIS with Standard Cell Cable
 PALM-ES4R-SPE.F0  EmStat4R Low Range No EIS with Screen Printed Electrode Connector
 PALM-ES4R-SPE.F1  EmStat4R Low Range 200 kHz EIS with Screen Printed Electrode Connector
 PALM-ES4R.CM-SPE  EmStat4R Connection Module for Screen Printed Electrodes
 PALM-ES4R-CM-SNS  EmStat4R Connection Module for Cell Cable


 N/A  Low Range
 Maximum Compliance Voltage   ±5 V
 Current Ranges   1 nA to mA (8 ranges) 
 Maximum Current  ±30 mA
 Maximum Data Acquisision Rate  1,000,000 sam


 N/A  Low Range
 Current Ranges  10 nA, 1 µA, 100 µA, 10 mA (4 ranges)
 Applied DC Current   ±3x CR (current range)
 Applied DC Current Resolution   0.01% of CR
 Applied DC Current Accuracy   <0.4% (gain) + 0.002x CR (offset)
 Measured DC Potential Resolution 

 96 µV (gain 1) 
 48 µV (gain 2)
 19.2 µV (gain 5)
9.6 µV (gain 10)
 4.8 µV (gain 20)

 Measured DC Potential Accuracy   ≤ 0.2% ±1 mV offset


 N/A   Low Range
 Frequency Range  10 µHz to 200 kHz
 AC Amplitude Range  1 mV to 900 mV rms, or 2.5 V p-p
 Measured Current Accuracy   ≤ 0.2% at Full Scale Range


 N/A   Low Range
 Electrometer Amplifier Input  > 1 TΩ // 10 pF
 Bandwith  10 kHz default or 500 kHz for EIS and fast CA/CP


Housing: Aluminum body: 7.2 x 5.5 x 2.6 cm3
Weight: ± 130 g
Power and Communication: USB-C port
Internal Storage Space: 500 MB, equivalent to >15,000,000 datapoints