Starting And Exiting Chromgraph Report Software

Report software can be run independently of the epsilon system to analyze data that have already been collected. It can also be installed on a remote computer, in which case the data generated by ChromGraph Control must be transferred to it.







Start ChromGraph Report with either a desktop shortcut icon or the Windows Start Menu:

Alternatively, Report can be started (or brought to the forefront if it was minimized) by the 'Run REPORT' option under the Data Menu of Control.




SETUP OPTIONS allows you to set some user preferences. This screen is reached as follows:

Check the options that you wish to use:

TONES enables a set of sounds associated with the various steps in processing data. They may be used as an audible cue to indicate analyses in progress.

SMART MOUSE POSITIONING puts the mouse pointer at the most likely next step when screens change.

The FIELD SEPARATOR options determine the data format for export to spreadsheets. Click here for additional information about this topic.

PRINTER MARGIN moves printing to the right by up to 15 spaces, and down by up to 7 lines, for better control of the appearance of printed output.




You can exit by clicking the X-button at the top right of the screen, or by taking the QUIT option in the DATA drop-down menu. In either case you'll be asked about saving certain items:

PRESENT METHOD FILE allows the current Method to be saved as temp.met every time you exit, and therefore reloaded automatically at the next session.

PRESENT STANDARDS FILE allows the current standards to be saved as temp.std every time you exit, and therefore reloaded automatically at the next session.

INITIALIZATION FILE saves the setup options, screen colors and sizes, and default data directories so they will automatically go into effect at the next session. Any time you change these options during a session you must decide whether to make the changes permanent. To make them permanent, exit with this box checked. To forget the changes, exit without checking this box. If you don't wish to exit, you may save the initialization file using an option in the Data drop-down menu: