Introduction And Specifications




This manual explains the installation and operation of the PM-80 Pump, as well as procedures for routine maintenance and troubleshooting. Read the entire manual prior to installation and start-up.



The PM-80 is a reciprocating, dual-piston unit. It is designed for precise and reliable solvent delivery for isocratic and (optional) gradient elution at flow rates between 0.01 and 5.0 mL/min. Advanced features of the PM-80 pump include:


  • Type 316 stainless steel tubing throughout.


  • A microprocessor-controlled, computer-designed, dual-piston pump. Each head is removable as a single, precision-engineered assembly, which may be interchanged in seconds. The construction of the pump is solid (cast aluminum and machined 316 stainless steel); no sheet metal is included. The end result is greater durability, mechanical reliability, and serviceability.


  • Solid-state pressure transducer, to monitor system backpressure in real time.


  • Pulse damper, installed as a standard feature for use at high sensitivity.


  • Purge valve, for bypassing the column and injector while flushing the solvent delivery system.


  • High- and low-pressure limit controls, for safety.


  • Analog output for pressure monitoring.


  • Provision for remote-control operation.


  • Optional ternary gradient capability. Contact BAS for information on upgrading your isocratic PM-80 to a gradient system.

The PM-80 has been engineered for durability, and with proper maintenance should provide years of reliable service.








HEIGHT 6.6 inches
LENGTH 17 inches
WIDTH 11 inches
WEIGHT 38 pounds
FLOW RATE 0.1 - 5.0 mL/min
FLOW PRECISION better than 0.3% RSD
PRESSURE RANGE 0-6000 PSI (0-40 bar) with selectable limits
INPUT VOLTAGE 100/120/220/240 vac 50/60 Hz
POWER 3A (max) @ 120 VAC 50/60 Hz