Status Boxes

Status box icons appear along the bottom of the screen. To activate any status box, simply double-click on its icon. Pressing F6 will activate or minimize all the boxes at once, as will taking the View Status option in the Status drop-down menu:

Depending on your particular hardware configuration, up to four status screens are available:

The status boxes show real-time conditions of the various components of the system. The pump and temperature status boxes will only appear if the relevant BASi instruments are attached.

The status boxes have buttons that allow some control of the equipment, as well as a Method button that opens the Control Method for full control and editing.

The RUN STATUS box shows conditions during data collection, and also allows you to begin and end data collection. This is discussed in the STARTING A CHROMATOGRAPHIC RUN Section.

We recommend that status boxes be left as icons when not needed, and especially during automatic operation. When the status boxes are activated there is a flurry of communication between the computer and the epsilon system, which ties up computer memory and makes screen operations appear sluggish. Individual status boxes can be iconized by clicking on the down arrows at their upper right corners.