Help Screens

ChromGraph software contains a complete on-line, context-oriented system of help files. Information is provided for virtually any aspect of the software, and for any entry that must be made. Help information can be obtained in several ways which parallel the help screens of Windows.

For general access to help screens, select Help from the menu bar across the top of the screen. The HELP INDEX option opens up a screen showing all the main help topics . Select whichever topic is of interest.

For more specific help when using the software (e.g., when you're not sure what to enter for an option in the Method), use the context-oriented feature of the help screens. Pressing F1 will bring information about whatever option is highlighted on the screen. Highlights can be moved around the screen using the tab and arrow keys.

A faster way to get information about any option is to use the mouse. If the option of interest requires a text entry, simply click on it, then press F1. If the option of interest is a pushbutton that will cause immediate action, you must prevent that action from occurring in order to get help. Press the mouse button but do not release it; then press and release F1. Now you can release the mouse button; instead of activating the button, a help screen will appear.