About Chromgraph Control Software



ChromGraph Control is a sophisticated set of programs for automated control of the epsilon chromatography platform and other BASi instruments. The software runs in the Windows environment, thus providing all the flexibility and multitasking inherent in this operating system.


Control provides all the features needed to operate the epsilon system, both in immediate mode and programmed operation. Up to four detectors may be controlled and monitored. Methods are easily chained together and integrated with the BASi Sample Sentinel autosampler. All details of data collection and storage are defined by the software, but actual processing of the data (peak identification, quantitation, etc.) is provided by a sister program, ChromGraph Report.

Report also is a Windows-based program, and it may run concurrently with Control. Control can pass data directly to Report, or it may store the data for later processing. Please refer to the DATA ANALYSIS section for a thorough discussion of this advanced data-processing software.

This manual is intended to be a simple introduction to Control. Where there are several paths to accomplish the same task, usually only one will be described. For example, many operations can be carried out either by clicking on a pushbutton with the mouse, or by selecting items from a menu with the keyboard. Only the mouse operations are described, to keep the manual as simple and undaunting as possible. Those who wish to explore other alternatives are free to experiment, using the comprehensive Help screens and a knowledge of Windows.

Both ChromGraph Report and Control run in the Windows operating system. Wherever possible, we have maintained the style of Windows in the look and feel of our software. We use similar drop-down menus, list boxes, dialog boxes, radio buttons, help screens, etc. If you are already familiar with Windows, the transition to ChromGraph software will be smooth. If Windows is new to you, we urge you to learn it first, using the Windows tutorial provided with your operating system.