Welcome to the BASi electronic manual for the epsilon LCEC detector and associated hardware. You have purchased a fundamentally new and exciting LC instrument incorporating the latest advances in hardware and software. These features include:

  • Optically isolated circuitry for noise reduction
  • 100 pA to 5 mA gain ranges
  • 24-bit data resolution
  • Up to 4-channel EC capability
  • Provision for inputs from two external LC detectors
  • Pulsed amperometric detection (PAD)
  • Remote control of BASi pumps
  • Upgradable to perform EC techniques such as cyclic voltammetry
  • Upgradable over the Internet
  • Built-in data processing
  • Both analog and digital filtering for maximum noise reduction

We designed the epsilon platform with the Internet in mind. epsilon-based instruments have their own web site ( where users can:

  • Upgrade their instrument via the Internet
  • Monitor their instrument from remote locations via the Internet
  • Access operation and application information via the Internet

For information on our full line of applications, products and services, visit the main BASi web site (