Converting Data Files To A Text Format

It is sometimes more convenient to save data in a text format (e.g., for exporting to other programs such as DigiSim® and Excel). The Convert to Text File function (Fig1) converts saved binary files to various different text formats.

Convert to Text File dialog box

Figure 1. Convert to Text File dialog box.

  1. File format
    1. If Single column is specified, the x and y data points (e.g., potential and current) will be separated by a carriage return.
    2. If Y data only is specified, then only y data points (e.g., current) will be contained in the text file.
    3. If Data Only is selected, the header containing the experimental parameters and Notes will be omitted.
  2. Column Delimiter - if both x and y data are contained in the text file, they can be separated by a Space, a Comma, or a Tab.
  3. DigiSim Format - the format of the text file will be identical to that of the DigiSim .use format. Note that the extension must be changed from .dig to .use before the file can be imported into DigiSim. It should also be noted that conversion to the .use format is only allowed for cyclic voltammetry experiment files with an integral number of potential cycles (i.e., there are an even number of segments and the Final Potential is equal to Switching Potential 2). This is to ensure that the potential sweep for that experiment is consistent with the sweeps allowed by DigiSim. If a selected file does not obey this criterion, an error message will be displayed.
  4. Data points can be omitted from the text file by specifying # of points to skip (0 = no points skipped, 1 = every other data point skipped, etc.).
  5. The file(s) to be converted are identified using the Source Directory, the Source File name(s), and the technique/suffix. Click the file name(s), and then click the Convert button.
  6. Square Wave text files have 4 columns: Potential, Difference Current, Forward Current, Reverse Current.

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