Electrochemistry Strategic Alliances and Partners

BASi is proud to collaborate with several partners to ensure the electrochemistry community has access to a wide range of solutions to help answer your research questions. Our strategic partners include many global leaders in the field with top quality products, and we work closely with these partners to ensure we can provide the tools that you need. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our collaborations, how to order specific products, compatability between products, specific application examples, or if you have any questions.



PalmSens BV

PalmSens BV was founded in 2001 by Dr. Kees van Velzen, one of the driving forces in the field of potentiostat digitization in the late ’80s and ’90s. PalmSens BV was the first company to reduce a research-grade potentiostat to a size that fits in your pocket. At PalmSens we are committed to making electrochemistry easier, more portable, and more accessible for novice and advanced researchers and entrepreneurs. PalmSens provides a comprehensive range of instruments for most types of electrochemistry with an emphasis on mobility. We manufacture the world’s smallest commercially available potentiostat module with EIS capabilities: the EmStat Pico. While our unique flagship instrument, the PalmSens4, is one of the most versatile and compact frequency response analysis (FRA) / EIS capable device in the market. 



Avantes is the leading innovator in the development of fiber-optic spectroscopy instruments and systems with nearly 30 years of experience developing customer-defined spectrometer configurations. With a long history of consulting with clients across diverse industries and applications, Avantes is an experienced partner, equipped to guide customers who want a solution tailored to their application and research needs. By building best-in-class spectrometers and providing second-to-none customer service, Avantes offers customers the peace of mind that the Avantes solutions they purchase will meet, and exceed, their expectations.

BVT Technologies

BVT Technologies (joint-stock company) is a private company based in the Czech Republic. BVT was founded by Dr. Jan Krejčí in 2000. BVT commercialize based his long-term expertise in the field of electrochemical sensors and biosensors. The company develops and manufactures a wide range of electrochemical sensors, enzyme biosensors (AChE and GOx) and related laboratory equipment including connectors, flow cells, pumps, potentiostats, software and other devices. BVT specializes in Thick Film Technology to produce Screen-Printed Electrochemical Sensors (Screen Printed Electrodes), has more than 20 years of experience in this field, and can deliver a wide variety of sensors in very low quantities.

MicruX Technologies

MicruX Technologies is an innovative technology-based company founded in 2008 as spin-off of University of Oviedo (Asturias, SPAIN). This company arises from the collaboration between two research groups of the University of Oviedo: Immuno electroanalysis group led by Professor Agustin Costa-García (Department of Physical and Analytical Chemistry) and Opto-electronics group led by Professor Jose Rodríguez-García (Department of Physics). MicruX rises with the main aim of developing and manufacturing innovative solutions in microfluidic devices, electrochemical transducers and miniaturized analytical instrumentation taking advantages of the most recent Lab-on-a-Chip technologies. In the next decade, the main goal of MicruX is to bring to the market the most innovative tools for research and industrial laboratories around the world.

Integrated Graphene

Integrated Graphene is driven to make a positive impact on global challenges. Their focus lies in developing next generation technology to drive a more sustainable economy: from making health measurable globally at the point of need to removing batteries from landfill with advanced supercapacitors, they can identify areas of improvement and strive to create impact across a variety of industries. To achieve this goal, they have invented, patented, and commercialized a revolutionary design for manufacture process to produce a high-performing pure, three-dimensional, carbon-based nanomaterial, Gii.  By harnessing the unique properties of Gii and leveraging extensive product development and integration expertise, Integrated Graphene (IG), in partnership with their business partners, enables the development of cutting-edge products. They have removed the three key challenges of state-of-the-art graphene manufacture: high temperature, high vacuum, and transfer to the final product.

Conductive Technologies

Started in 1970, Conductive Technologies Inc., (CTI) is a leading global developer and manufacturer of printed electronics used to create electrochemical sensors, biosensors, flexible circuits, and membrane switches. Our 110,000 sq. ft. (10,000 m2) state of the art facility provides our customers with access to a wealth of capabilities, providing turnkey contract manufacturing solutions. CTI's design and process capabilities enhance the functionality of medical, laboratory, appliance, electronic and industrial products. CTI has several patents for RFI/EMI/ESD shielding devices, all based on the printing and forming of flexible materials. A privately held company, CTI has a solid financial framework and performance record. CTI can react quickly with investments and resources, which are strategically aligned and financially sound. CTI embodies advances in printed electronics gained from over 45 years of operation. Our experience in multiple printing technologies, capabilities in automated assembly and packaging provides our customers a single source for their requirements.

BAS / ALS Japan

BAS / ALS Japan provides researchers with a wide range of products for electrochemistry and spectro-electrochemistry applications, including Ring-Disk Electrode apparatus, Faraday cage, Spectrometer and Portable Hydrogen Generator. We also dealing with various kinds of Spectro-electrochemical cells, Quartz Crystal Microbalances cell /Quartz crystal (QCMT/EQCMT) and Electrodes / Accessories for EC measurement same as their related items. We sincerely hope that you will absolutely enjoy our cost-effective and highly quality products with our sincere-integrity support.


Redox.me AB was founded in July 2015 in Sweden. It is an outcome of an entrepreneurial process based on exploitation of an academic technology at Linköping University. The Headquarter and Research & Development Department are in Norrkoping, Sweden. The company has one foreign branch Assembly & Distribution, located in AGH Center of Energy, Cracow, Poland. They provide laboratory instrumentation that enables simultaneous in-situ measurements of several signals (electrochemical, optical, thermal, and other) on thin film and membrane materials. So, what they are doing is creating an added value for existing laboratory facilities. An extension that combines many measurement techniques. But at the same time, they promote best practice in measurements and data analysis, and they impose a concrete standardization in the field of material science. In practice they are taking needs and opinions of scientist to create new methods that benefit to whole research community. Their unique research/business environment consists of many actors from research and industry including Laboratory of Organic Electronics at Linköping University, RISE Acreo AB and PEA-Manufacturing.