In Vivo Ultrafiltration Sampling Probes

In Vivo Ultrafiltration Sampling Probes can be used for soft tissues that are well perfused such as subcutaneous, muscle, and IP cavity.

  • Vacuum-assisted, membrane-based sampling.
  • Suitable for long-term (days to months) subcutaneous implantation.
  • Provides ~100% in vivo recovery.
  • Available with various membrane lengths.
  • Directly samples extracellular fluid.
  • Do you need sterile probes? Contact us for more information. 

In Vivo Ultrafiltration Sampling Probes use loops of membrane connected to a single collection tube.
They are defined by the number of loops of membrane and the length of membrane in each loop. For
example, the model UF-3-12 probe has 3 loops of membrane and each loop contains 12 cm of membrane.

Use a probe like this if you want to get maximum flow and study extracellular analytes in a uniform tissue
such as subcutaneous tissue.

Since the membrane is formed into a loop, the loop length is half the membrane length. So in a UF-3-12
probe, the length of the loop is 6 cm. 

Several BASi® accessories can be used for in vivo ultrafiltration sampling. These include surgical supplies,
animal caging systems, FEP tubing and tubing connectors, and the Vacuum Needle Holder. The Vacuum
Needle Holder allows collection of in vivo ultrafiltration samples using standard vacutainers up to 10ml, while
providing protection to the test subject, the user, and the sample being collected by shielding the replaceable
needle and vacutainer in a durable polycarbonate enclosure. It is a key convenience and safety item that we
strongly recommend.


 MF-7028  RUF-3-12 Reinforced In Vivo Ultrafiltration Sampling Probes, 6/box  Volume: 70µL

In Vivo Ultrafiltration Sampling Accessories

In Vivo Ultrafiltration Sampling Probe

 Tubing:  FEP, 127cm length, 650um OD
 Membrane:  PAN. 30KDa MWCO, 320µm OD

Reinforced In Vivo Ultrafiltration Sampling Probe

 Tubing:  Inert biocompatible plastic, 43.7cm length, 1mm OD
 Membrane:  PAN. 30KDa MWCO, 320µm OD

Can be used for soft tissues that are well perfused such as subcutaneous, muscle, and IP cavity. 
RUF probe is best for large animals due to reinforced connection and more robust tubing.