Drug Development Services: Dried Blood Spot (DBS)

Bioanalytical DBS Services

BASi® has emphasized the importance of reducing animal numbers and refining data. We are continuing this tradition as we move forward with utilizing Dried Blood Spot (DBS) technologies and have a number of initiatives that capture the advantages dried sample spots offer.

Dried Blood Spot sampling offers advantages for the collection, storage and shipping of blood samples for drug analysis. The small volumes utilized in DBS are a good fit for multiple small volume collections from animals such as mice and rats. Use of DBS technologies for this purpose make it possible to reduce the overall number of experimental animals required for development. However, this collection technique goes beyond early discovery and can be a low-stress sampling option for mice as well as man.

Bioanalytical DBS Services

  • Collaborative efforts between our bioanalytical labs in the US and the UK have allowed us to successfully evaluate the bioanalysis of dried blood spots and have developed DBS analysis expertise at each of our three bioanalytical facilities.
  • Our staff and programs are flexible to generate both the study design and timelines you need.
  • We offer complementary services in preclinical development, toxicology, bioanalysis, and TK reporting.

BASi Culex® Automated DBS Sampling

BASi Culex® Automated DBS Sampling
  • BASi® is the designer and manufacturer of the Culex® Family of instruments for automated blood sampling and has designed a solution to integrate DBS into the blood collection system.
  • BASi Culex® will collect accurate and reliable Dried Blood Spot samples at user-programmed time points for direct delivery onto DBS paper.
  • Our unique sample collection card allows drawing of up to 32 DBS samples with 1-4 samples per time point and the ability to retain separate replicate samples.
  • BASi Culex® reduces human intervention during sample collection, resulting in reduced stress when compared to sampling manually.


The BASi® Advantage

  • Integration of DBS sampling on BASi Culex® for small and large animal models complements our existing DBS bioanalytical capability.
  • The combination of our in-house team of scientists and engineers ensures we will continue to make improvements to the collection and analysis of Dried Blood Spot samples.
  • We provide our customers with DBS solutions that encompass the drug development process from discovery to clinical trials.

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