The MultiEmStat is a versatile multi potentiostat with 4, 8 or 12 independent EmStat potentiostats.

The channels can perform experiments independently of each other. A MultiEmStat channel is capable of the full range of techniques an EmStat can offer, i.e. (pulsed-) amperometric measurements as well as voltammetric measurements like linear sweep, cyclic voltammetry, differential pulse and square wave voltammetry.

The MultiEmStat is conveniently connected by means of a single USB connection and controlled by MultiTrace. Each potentiostat has eight (EmStat3) or nine (EmStat3+) current ranges: 1 nA to 10 mA/100 mA with a resolution of 1 pA at the lowest current range and can automatically select the optimal current range.

Standard packaging includes a shielded cable for each channel with connections for a working, a counter and a reference electrode by means of 2 mm banana connectors (crocodile clips included), a USB cable and an AC adapter. The four channel MultiEmStat3 will be delivered in a small housing which is USB powered for extra mobility.


All supported techniques for MultiEmStat:

Voltammetric techniques

  • Linear sweep voltammetry (LSV)
  • Differential pulse voltammetry (DPV)
  • Square wave voltammetry (SWV)
  • Normal pulse voltammetry (NPV)
  • Cyclic voltammetry (CV)

Technique as a function of time:

  • Amperometric detection (AD) (Chronoamperometry)
  • Pulsed amperometric detection (PAD)
  • Multiple pulse amperometry (MPAD)
  • Open circuit potentiometry (OCP)
  • Multistep amperometry (MA)



MultiEmStat3 is available as four channel in the small housing and 8 and 12 channel in the larger housing.

MultiEmStat3+ is available as 4, 8 or 12 channel and always comes in the larger housing.


MultiEmStat version: 3 3+
DC-potential range ± 3.000 V ± 4.000 V
Compliance voltage ± 5 V ± 8 V
DC-potential resolution 0.1 mV 0.125 mV
0.2 % 0.3 %
Current ranges 1 nA to 10 mA (8 ranges) 1 nA to 100 mA (9 ranges)
Maximum current ± 20 mA typical and ± 15 mA minimum ± 100 mA typical

The current is measured using a zero resistance ammeter (ZRA).

Current resolution 0.1% of current range, 1 pA at lowest current range
Electrometer amplifier input > 100 Gohm // 4 pF
Rise time approx. 100 μs
Housing MultiEmStat3 4Ch: 8 cm x 12 cm x 3.5 cm
  Other: 20 cm x 12 cm x 7 cm
Weight MultiEmStat3 4Ch: 0.260 kg
Interfacing USB
Power external 5V adapter for MultiEmStat3 4Ch
external 9V adapter for all other versions
Sensor connection shielded cable with circular connector for WE, Sense (MultiEmStat3+), RE and CE

Ordering information

PALM-MES3/4CH PalmSens Emstat3 Multipotentiostat (4 channels)
PALM-MES3/8CH PalmSens Emstat3 Multipotentiostat (8 channels)
PALM-MES3/12CH PalmSens Emstat3 Multipotentiosat (12 channels)
PALM-MES3+/4CH PalmSens Emstat3+ Multipotentiostat (4 channels)
PALM-MES3+/8CH PalmSens Emstat3+ Multipotentiostat (8 channels)
PALM-MES3+/12CH PalmSens Emsat3+ multipotentiostat (12 channels)