PalmSens4 with ±10 V Applied Potential Range and 1 MHz Maximum Frequency for EIS

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PSTrace for windows
USB cable
Sensor cable
Dummy cell
Crocodile clips
Rugged plastic case
Three-year warranty

Optional Modules:
PALM-PS4-iRCOMP PalmSens4 iR Drop Compensation Module
PALM-PS4-BIPOT PalmSens4 Bipotentiostat Module

Optional Accessories:
PALM-MUX08R2 8 Channel Multiplexer
PALM-LM36-DSUB15 Temperature Sensor
PALM-DEA.01-PS4 1 V Differential Electrometer Amplifier
PALM-DEA.05-PS4 5 V Differential Electrometer Amplifier
PALM-DEA.10-PS4 10 V Differential Electrometer Amplifier

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Category: Electroanalytical Chemistry

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