Height Adjustable PEEK Sampling Needle

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IMPORTANT DISCONTINUATION NOTICE: This product is being discontinued. Orders will be fulfilled through September 30, 2024. A complete list of discontinued Microdialysis products can be found here, along with information about how to transition from Microdialysis to Open Flow Microperfusion (OFM). Our product experts can be reached at to address any question or concerns you may have.

Height Adjustable PEEK Sampling Needle (sold as 1 Body, 1 Needle Holder and 5 Peek Needles)

The Adjustable PEEK Needle Assembly is used in conjunction with BASi’s fraction collector(s) to collect fluid samples from a single Microdialysis probe. The PEEK needle that comes into direct contact with the collected samples is non-metallic and disposable. The added features are expected to aid biocompatibility and prevent contamination issues. Further, the height of the needle can be adjusted and used with a variety of vials (e.g., low binding vials) by choosing the appropriate carousels available from BASi. Note: PEEK needles should be used for sample collection into uncapped vials only. Additional Replacement Peek Needles and Holders are also available (MD-1325)

Category: Microdialysis

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