Height Adjustable PEEK Sampling Needle

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Height Adjustable PEEK Sampling Needle (sold as 1 Body, 1 Needle Holder and 5 Peek Needles)

The Adjustable PEEK Needle Assembly is used in conjunction with BASi’s fraction collector(s) to collect fluid samples from a single Microdialysis probe. The PEEK needle that comes into direct contact with the collected samples is non-metallic and disposable. The added features are expected to aid biocompatibility and prevent contamination issues. Further, the height of the needle can be adjusted and used with a variety of vials (e.g., low binding vials) by choosing the appropriate carousels available from BASi. Note: PEEK needles should be used for sample collection into uncapped vials only. Additional Replacement Peek Needles and Holders are also available (MD-1325)

Category: Microdialysis

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