Height Adjustable PEEK Sampling Needle

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Height Adjustable PEEK Sampling Needle (requires 2 per fraction collector)

(sold as 1 Body, 1 Needle Holder and 5 Peek Needles).
The Adjustable PEEK Needle Assembly is used in association with BASi’s fractional collector(s) when sampling small molecules (e.g., Neurotransmitters) and large molecules (e.g., peptides) by Microdialysis. The Peek needle that comes in to direct contact with the samples being collected in to the vials is a non-metallic and a disposable part. The added features are expected to aid biocompatibility and prevent contamination issues. Further, the height of the needle can be adjusted so that a vial of your choice (e.g., low binding vials) can be used for sample collection by choosing the respective carousels available from BASi. Additional Replacement Peek Needles and Holders are also available (MD-1325)

Category: Microdialysis

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