Brain BR Style Guide Cannulae

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These guide cannulae fit BASi™s most popular œBR style brain microdialysis probes. There are two version of this guide; they differ in how they secure the probe or stylete in the guide. One uses a rubber O-ring that lightly snaps into the notch in the probe or stylete head when inserted. Removal is equally simple. The other uses an Ω (Omega) ring that can be turned to open the ring™s œwindow to allow insertion of a probe or stylete. When the omega ring is turned further, closing the window, the probe/stylete is locked securely in place. Removal is equally simple. If you are working with mice, see the MBR style guides.


Ordering Information


O-ring Intracerebral Guide Cannula and Stylet
Omega-ring Intracerebral Guide Cannula and Stylet

Part Number

MD-2250, O-ring
MD-2251, Omega-ring


Inert, biocompatible plastic


Stainless Steel

Cannula Length

10 mm. This length permits you to reach even the deepest rat brain target. The length is optimized so that when a BR style microdialysis probe is inserted, only the probe membrane protrudes out. Custom length guides available


Provides pre-experiment surgical targeting when microdialysis sampling from awake animals. Permits insertion of probes following surgical recovery. Facilitates post-experiment microdialysis probe removal and potential probe reuse. For use with BR, IBR, Infusion, and custom BR microdialysis probes. O-ring is non-metallic, can be used for NMR imaging.

Lock Mechanism

MD-2250, Rubber ring, snap lock
MD-2251, Steel collar, manual lock


Head Diameter

If you want to implant multiple guides cannulae closer than this guide™s 6.4 mm OD permits, see the BASi® MBR style probes and guides.