MBR Style Brain Guide Cannula

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These guide cannulae fit BASi™s œMBR style brain microdialysis probes. There are two version of this guide; they differ in the length of the cannula. The MBR style guide cannula is primarily intended for use in mouse brain microdialysis or dorsal or adjacent multiple rat brain implants. It can be used for other applications also.

The cannula lengths are optimized to reach anywhere in the mouse or rat brain. Custom cannula lengths are available.

Ordering Information


MBR-5: 5 mm Brain Microdialysis Guide Cannula with Stylet
MBR-10:10 mm Brain Microdialysis Guide Cannula with Stylet

Part Number

MBR-5: MD-2255
MBR-10: MD-2256


Inert, biocompatible plastic


Stainless Steel

Cannula length

5mm: MBR-5
10mm: MBR-10


MBR 5 microdialysis probes are small and lightweight to accommodate a fragile mouse skull.  Can reach anywhere in a mouse brain, or can be used for dorsal rat brain sampling.

MBR 10 microdialysis probes are suitable for ventral implants in rats or for multiple implant sites Can reach anywhere in a rat brain.

MBR microdialysis probes can be implanted as close as 2.5 mm on center without a guide cannula or 3.2 mm on center with a guide cannula.

Lock mechanism

Probes are held in the guides via a low-insertion force elastomeric fit



Guide Cannula

OD 635µm

ID 457µm

Head Diameter

OD 3.2mm