IBR Combination Infusion & Microdialysis Brain Probe

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The “IBR” style microdialysis probe facilitates infusing a treatment directly to the area being dialyzed. Unlike when administering a treatment systemically or via retrodialysis through a microdialysis probe membrane, when this probe is used, you can both target your treatment with anatomical specificity and know exactly how much drug you have administered. This can also address solubility or molecular weight issues of retrodialysis. The infusate exits the infusion cannula at the distal tip of the microdialysis membrane just outside the membrane lumen.

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Ordering Information


IBR-2, Combination Infusion and Microdialysis Probe, 2mm membrane*
IBR-4, Combination Infusion and Microdialysis Probe, 4mm membrane**

Part Number

MD-2262, IBR-2, 2mm membrane
MD-2264, IBR-4, 4mm membrane


Coated fused silica

Probe Volume

2.1 to 2.3µL (IBR-2 or IBR-4)

Infusion Cannula

Coated fused silica


Use with optional intracerebral guide cannula, or mount directly on skull using acrylic cement. Commonly used for rats, hamsters, and guinea pigs. Non-metallic, can be used for NMR imaging.


PAN. 30KDa MWCO, 320µm OD



OD 320µm

ID 220µm

Infusion Cannula Tip

OD 105µm

ID 40µm

Infusion Cannula Swept Volume


Probe Cannula Diameter

OD 510µm

ID 360µm

Probe Cannula Length 15 mm

Probe Cannula Length
when in BASi® guide cannula

10 mm

Head Diameter 6.4mm

Tubing Inlet/Outlet

OD 635µm

ID 254µm

* single customization only, ** cannot customize