IV Vascular Microdialysis Probes

  • A flexible concentric-style probe
  • Designed for implantation in the jugular vein
  • Supplied with a syringe needle and temporary introducer cannula to facilitate implantations
  • IV microdialysis probes are suitable for use in freely moving animals.

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No study of pharmacokinetics, drug delivery, metabolism, or toxicity is complete without a determination of the drug concentration in blood. The Culex® Automated Blood Sampler is the ideal way to serially sample blood from species ranging from mice to pigs. However, if your needs are less frequent or less rigorous, the BASi® IV microdialysis probe is a comparatively simple way to look at microdialysis based relative changes in blood analyte concentrations.

IV Vascular Microdialysis Probes were designed for implantation into a rat size jugular vein. They are also suitable for other soft tissues. Each microdialysis probe includes an implantation needle and temporary cannula (split introducer) that aids placement. As illustrated in the drawing, the thin-walled, plastic introducer slides over the implantation needle. This is then used to pierce the vein. The needle is removed and replaced with an IV probe. Flexible wire mesh on the probe is sutured to the pectoral muscle. The cannula is then split and pulled out of the vein, leaving the microdialysis probe inserted. Inlet and outlet lines to the probe are housed within a single piece of flexible tubing, which is externalized by use of a tubing introducer trocar (MR-5313). The small OD of the flexible probe is less likely to occlude the blood vessel.

Designed for implantation into rat jugular vein to monitor blood in freely moving animals.


Vascular Microdialysis Probes
 MD-2305  IV-5, Vascular Microdialysis Probes, 5mm membrane
 MD-2310  IV-10, Vascular Microdialysis Probes, 10mm membrane

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Tubing: Flexible mesh is used to secure probe in place, this connects to inert biocompatible plastic tubing, 1.1 mm OD, 20 cm length
Probe Cannula: Inert biocompatible plastic tubing, 410µm m OD with 15 mm length for IV-5 and 9 mm length
Probe Volume: 
IV-5, 3.1µL Vascular Microdialysis Probes, 5mm membrane
IV-10, 3.3µL Vascular Microdialysis Probes, 10mm membrane
Membrane: PAN. 30KDa MWCO, 320µm OD

 Membrane  OD 320µm  ID 240µm
 Housed i/O Tubing  OD 1.1mm
 Tubing Inlet/Outlet  OD 635µm  ID 254µm