Shunt Microdialysis Probes

Compared to a BASi Culex® Automated Sampler that is configured for bile sampling, the SM Bile Shunt Probe is the next best way to sample from bile.

  • The Shunt Probe can also be used when the material being dialyzed is a flowing liquid that can be diverted through a shunt microdialysis probe.
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  • Like Culex® bile sampling, the bile sampling shunt probe does not deplete the animal’s bile. In this case, the bile continues to circulate. This is via a shunt that diverts the bile past a linear microdialysis probe and then back into the bile duct. This approach maintains bile flow during microdialysis sampling and conserves bile salts.
  • Drugs excreted in bile may be further metabolized in the gut and bile salts are recycled there.
  • Brain and vascular microdialysis can be performed at the same time.
  • An ever better option for sampling metabolites in bile is to use the BASi Culex® and EMPIS® to perform simultaneous blood and bile sampling and use a metabolic cage to collect urine and feces. This provides you with a full metabolic profile. In contrast, the traditional way of sampling bile is via a continuous flow open cannula, which can deplete bile salts and fluids, potentially to the detriment of both the animal and the soundness of your data.


Shunt Microdialysis Probe
 MD-2100  SM-25 shunt microdialysis probes, 25mm membrane, 3/pkg​



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