Microdialysis and Ultrafiltration

BASi® offers everything you need to start Microdialysis or Ultrafiltration membrane-based sampling, including a variety of configurations to meet your research needs. Our systems afford flexibility to integrate optional Blood Sampling, Metabolic Collections and Animal Activity. Our Automated Rodent Microdialysis Systems are manufactured utilizing either the Swivel or Raturn® principle. The BASi Raturn® is a sensor-based, proprietary, movement-responsive system for rodents. It facilitates single or multiple data collection connections, whether electrical or fluid, to a freely-moving animal with no swivel or commutator required. It's a great fit with infusion, microdialysis, electrophysiological and optogenetic studies.

We offer complete microdialysis packages, or individual components and accessories needed to perform microdialysis. If you know exactly what you need, select and order from the microdialysis product menu below. Contact us if you need assistance choosing the right microdialysis system for your application.

Microdialysis Support: BASi offers hands-on training and scientific consultancy services to establish in vivo microdialysis platforms in your lab. Contact us if you would like to discuss microdialysis platform options.