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Large Molecule Bioanalytical Services

BASi continues to expand its bioanalytical services in the area of large molecule bioanalysis; protein-based and oligonucleotide-based therapeutics.

BASi offers GLP and non-GLP ligand binding assays (LBA) for macromolecular drug therapeutics, immunogenicity screening or biomarkers in biological matrices.

Our large molecule program is built upon our strong foundation of experienced scientists and project managers in conjunction with the latest equipment and technology for immunoassay detection and quantification for PK/TK studies. With the increasing pressure to provide early go/no-go decisions, BASi is well equipped to handle studies involving biomarkers as primary or secondary endpoints for indication of efficacy, safety, disease state or mechanism of action.

Large Molecule Services include:

  • Macromolecule PK/TK (hybridization and immunoassays)
  • Immunogenicity assays (anti-drug antibody assays)
  • Biomarker services for drug development (i.e. PD, safety assessment, mechanism of action)
  • EIA- or ELISA-based applications
  • Enzyme kinetic assays
  • Method development, validation and sample analysis of proteins, peptides and oligonucleotides

BASi Large Molecule Bioanalysis Services Chart