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BASi Drug Discovery Services

BASi Vivarium   BASi Vivarium

In Vivo Drug Discovery

CulexBASi discovery services have a unique combination of highly skilled scientists, who place a premium on collaboration and trust, and proprietary instruments from the Culex® family of automated in vivo sampling systems. As a result, we offer our clients customized and comprehensive in vivo evaluation of their compounds.

Our goal is to provide you with studies that meet your unique information needs while minimizing the number of study animals. We will work with you to design the right study for you, your compounds and your company. In addition, we will establish strong lines of communication to ensure the success of each project.



BASi Discovery Center

The BASi Discovery Center is a purpose-built facility designed to provide our clients with automated dosing and sampling of early stage compounds. We have increased our facility capacity to meet increasing demand and added the following features:

Client Benefits
  • Quiet, low-stress environment
  • In-house bioanalytical facilities
  • State of the art air and humidity handling and control systems
  • Separate surgical suite
  • Separate animal handling quarters with individually vented cages
  • Increased skilled scientific staff and lab space


  • Calm, freely-moving animals provide more accurate data
  • Faster study and sample analysis turnaround, eliminating sample storage and shipping
  • Animals are comfortable and continuously monitored to eliminate study deviations
  • Increase in surgical models and capacity in a sterile  environment
  • Reduces the possibility of cross contamination and assures animal health
  • Complete your studies when you need them, on time, the first time, every time

We welcome current and potential clients to tour our facility, which is located in West Lafayette, Indiana.  Please contact your regional representative to schedule a visit.

ADME Studies

  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Tissue Distribution
  • Metabolism
  • Excretion
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  • Microdialysis
  • Total Tissue Concentration
  • Behavior Studies
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Pre-IND Studies

BASi uses our Culex® Automated In Vivo Sampling Systems to carry out Pre-IND studies required for Phase I Trials.

Acute Toxicity: single dose, maximum tolerated dose (MTD), or Rangefinder

  • Single dose at 3-5 dose levels
  • Clinical route of exposure
  • Two species
  • Observations for 14 days
  • Evaluate clinical and gross morphological effect

Note: Often these Pre-IND studies are conducted non-GLP and are used as rangefinders for multiple dose studies. If conducted non-GLP, they would not require formulation analysis, but bioanalytical samples may be generated in these studies.