LC Epsilon Software

BASi® ChromGraph Software

ChromGraph comes as two sister programs, ChromGraph Control and ChromGraph Report. Control sets the instrument parameters and oversees the collection and storage of data. Report processes the data after it has been collected. The two programs can run independently or can be configured so Control automatically passes the data to Report for immediate processing.

ChromGraph software has undergone extensive performance verification using NIST-traceable signals. No version is released until it passes our stringent criteria for precision, accuracy, and linearity.

ChromGraph Control Features

  • Four channels of data collection
  • Control of BASi® LC epsilon amperometric electrochemical detector
  • Pulsed Amperometric Detection (PAD)
  • Input voltages of 0.10, 1.0, and 10 volts

ChromGraph Report Features

  • Choice of auto- or fixed-scale graphics
  • Unlimited queuing for automatic operation
  • Easy export to spreadsheets
  • Automatic optimization of peak-detection parameters
  • Math operations allow baselines to be offset, added, or subtracted
  • Automatic updating of up to 10-level standards file
  • Automatic importing of sample-identifying information