PalmSens MultiPalmSens4

The MultiPalmSens4 is customizable and has the options listed below.
Applied potential range: ±5V or ±10V on each channel
EIS maximum frequency: None, 100 kHz, or 1 MHz max on each channel
Bipotentiostat: Yes or No on each channel
iR drop compensation: Yes or No on each channel
Galvanic isolation: Yes or No on all channels

Multi-channel Potentiostat / Galvanostat / Impedance Analyzer

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4 to 10 channels available in different configurations
FRA / EIS: 10 μHz up to 1 MHz
9 current ranges: 100 pA to 10 mA
±10 V potential range at 75 μV resolution (18 bit)
Always a backup of your data with 8 GB of internal storage per channel
Optional galvanically-isolated channels (floating)