PalmSens Accessories

Multiplexer Accessories

 PALM-MUX08R2  8 Channel Multiplexer    
 PALM-ES3-MUX8R2  Emstat3 with integrated 8 channel multiplexer  
 PALM-ES3P-MUX8R2  EmStat3+ with integrated 8 channel multiplexer  
 PALM-CBL-MUX08R2SNS5  Sensor cable for the 8 channel multiplexer  
 PALM-CBL-MUX08R2-DC  Cable Daisy chain with 8 channel multiplexer  
 PALM-CBL-MUX08R2Y4L  Y-Cable for 8 channle multiplexer and Emstat3 Blue  
 PALM-CBL-MUX08R2Y5L  Y-Cable for 8 channel muliplexer and PalmSens 4  

Stir Plate and Temperature Sensor

 PALM-PS3-Stirrer  Magnetic Stirrer with Switch Box for PalmSens3 and Emstat3 Blue   
 PALM-PS3-SWITCH  Switchbox for automatic control for PalmSens3 and Emstat3 Blue  
 PALM-STIRRER-DIN  Magnetic Stirrer with Switchbox for PalmSens4  
 PALM-SWITCH-DIN  Switchbox for automatic control for PalmSens4  
 PALM-LM35-DUB15  Temperature sensor for the EmStat3  
 PALM-LM35-DIN  Temperature sensor for the PalmSens4  


 PALM-CONN-4L  Screen printed electrode connector for Emstat3  
 PALM-CONN-5L  Screen pritned electrode connector for the PalmSens4  
 PALM-SPEHOLDER  Screen printed electrode connector  
 PALM-CROCCLIPS   Crocodile clips (4 x 2 mm)  
 PALM-CROC8EXT  Crocodile clips for 8 cahnnel multiplexer  


 PALM-SENSSTND-LM  EmStat3 and PalmSens3 sensor cable                               
 PALM-SENS3+STND-LM  EmSta3+ sensor cable  
 PALM-CBL-SNS-5L-4   PalmSens4 sensor cable  
 PALM-CBL-SNS-5L-BIPO  PalmSens4 Bipotentiostat sensor cable  


 PALM-BATT-PS4  Replacement battery for the PalmSens4  
 PALM-GI-USB  Galvanoic isolation dongle