A Pharmacokinetic Evaluation Of Acetaminophen In Dog Plasma And Dried Spots Using Automated Blood Collection

V. Cooper, L. Payne , S. Calugaru, L.D. Hopper, P. Downing, A. Hoehn, B. Gien, R. Sun, T. DeGraw


A study was designed to demonstrate proof of concept that pharmacokinetic parameters of acetaminophen in plasma and Dried Blood Spots (DBS) can give equivalent results.

  • Reduce human intervention by automating collection using BASi Culex L-ABC
  • Reduce intra-subject variability by sampling DBS and plasma from the same initial whole blood draw
  • Collected blood samples were applied to DBS cards and the remaining blood sample was processed into plasma.
  • Samples analyzed by liquid-liquid extraction with separation and detection by LC-MS/MS
  • LC-MS/MS instrument response was linear with 1/x2 fit for plasma, quadratic with 1/x2 fit for DBS.
  • Extraction from plasma gave better precision than extraction from DBS cards, though both gave acceptable results.

Plasma and DBS techniques produced similar PK profiles.