Animal Temperature Control System

Thermoregulation can be compromised during anesthesia and surgery. The Animal Temperature Control System is designed to maintain normal body temperature during surgery or during animal experiments conducted under anesthesia. With the various-sized heating pads available, it is suitable for use with a range of mammals (mouse, rat, cat, etc.).

  • Temperature control system maintains animal body temperature during surgery
  • 25°C-45°C range with adjustable setpoint on control box
  • Choice of heating pad sizes
  • Flexible rectal probe thermistor
  • Probe and heating pad plug into control box
  • Front panel LED display actual temperature to 0.1°C


Consists of:

  • Heating pad
  • Rectal thermistor probe
  • Control box

The heating pad is placed under the animal, while the tip of the rectal probe is inserted and taped to the tail. The pad and probe are then plugged into a control box via a junction and a 2.5 meter shielded cable. The control box slowly varies its output based on the resistance of the thermistor. The heating pad uses a proportional DC voltage that does not generate electrical noise or switching transients, making it appropriate for electrophysiology.

With the 40-90-3 Liquid Immersion Heating Rod and 40-90-6 Liquid Thermistor Insert, the temperature controller can also be used to heat up to 1L of liquid and maintain a constant temperature to serve as a water bath or warmed perfusate.


 FHC-4090202                           Animal heating pad - 25cm x 25cm -
 requires FHC-40908D01
 While supplies last


  • Heating range of 25°-45.9°C with digit readout to 0.1°C
  • Choice of 5 sizes of heating pad
  • Flexible, Teflon-coated thermistor probe (length 95.4cm, diameter 2.99mm)
  • Front panel LED, power switch, and temperature control